About Us

We are a non-profit "501 (C) (3)" created to support and encourage the community to cultivate education and cultural development of families structure. The focus of HAGAMOSLO is to create a common engagement between children and parents. With the collaboration of educators and professionals, we evaluate through consultations the needs of the participants and provide them with the tools to solve them through various programs developed just for their needs.

Our Mission

                                                                                      Build a Brighter Future

Our mission is to bridge the gap between parents, school, and community and improve relationships between home and school by empowering families to become proactive in their children's education on a continuous basis.

Our Focus

A Better World Through Education

The focus of Hagamoslo.org to provide families with technical assistance and support to develop effective family planning and community engagement in activities to help improve their children academic achievement.


All our professionals committed to fulfilling the mission of Hagamoslo