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Building a Better Tomorrow

Programming 2021



As we already know, 2020 marks a unique and drastically different childhood experience that our children will remember for the rest of their lives; and a different Pedagogical experience in which parents and teachers have had to adapt quickly, be creative and change roles and become, as the stellar HAGAMOSLO program says "Parents as better teachers". This difficult-to-understand experience occurs in countries around the world.

In which we can see that some parents, teachers and students have managed to cope with these changes. HAGAMOSLO offers psychoeducational counseling services, taking into account the capacities and economic perspectives of families in times of crisis. Since the closure of schools and the beginning of virtual classes, in addition to social distancing between people, the organization HAGAMOSLO has been collaborating and supporting families to guide this crisis.

The pandemic (COVID 19) has created the worst crisis for education, learning and mental health in the 21st century. The unique nature of the pandemic forces parents to be the best teachers, primarily responsible for the survival, care, and learning of their children. For this year 2021, HAGAMOSLO. ORG will continue with its psychoeducational programs, closing the gap between families, schools and the community; offer the solution with a special power to connect parents with the reality that surrounds the upbringing and learning of their children through radio and social networks in alliance with LA VOZ online and FM (Platino Max Corporation), our largest sponsor of the organization HAGAMOSLO. The programming will go out every Tuesday and Thursday of each week; taking advantage of educational borders, emphasizing in a positive tone the situations to be solved. With this HAGAMOSLO programming, it clearly offers strategic techniques to resolve doubts and conflicts that exist in the overwhelming number of people who are unaware of the benefits offered by this country and its social programs.

This year we offer 100% more interactive programming; Just by calling and participating in our EDUCANDO FRONTERAS program.

Thus, each of the participants in our program develops the principle of knowing the power of Entrepreneurship for a full and happy life.



Programming 2020


  HAGAMOSLO.ORG, promotes community education through its Directions like conferences, television and radio programs, individual interviews, motivational workshops, group dynamics of emotional intelligence and others based on psychoeducational techniques, in order to develop in the participants the principles of knowing the power of entrepreneurship for a full and happy life.

   HAGAMOSLO, offers talks on Principles and Power especially to connect parents with the reality that surrounds the upbringing of their children and thus Celebrating the success of achieving Better Living in the US. Taking advantage Educating Frontiers this year will emphasize the immigration situations and the problematic Venezuelan migration, procedures related to permanent or conditional residences, work permits and citizenship, in this special area emphasis on the preparation of the examination for the presentation of citizenship application, due to the overwhelming number of people who are unaware of the benefits it has go from permanent residents to citizens, and other interventions of the program assigned by this direction.



  Series of Seminars

Educating Frontiers with different activities will be developed for families to achieve the success and achievement of living in the United States. To achieve success and achievement in each of their lives, educating these people on how to integrate into the reality of assimilating customs and mechanisms in this country in terms of professional laws and requirements.



Group Dynamic and Radio and TV programs

Science, Success and Celebration. Dedicated to Women as the main cell in society. During this month we were able to get the community to help schools identify challenges, discuss approaches, and design a better action plan between parenting and academic instruction, including implementing real and sustainable solutions.



Group Dynamics and series of seminars.

                                               Mental health education

       Know and understand the importance of Mental Health in times of crisis.

    Seminars on the integration of the problem on the country's southern border.

Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP)



Group Dynamics and series of seminars.

Collaboration and effective communication of INFORMATION and EDUCATION at the continental level, with the support of organizations to PERSUADE with facts, realities, advantages and disadvantages, the process of illegal migration the disrupts the security of the United States Importance of communicating and building relationships effectively between participants.

June and July


Celebrating father's day “Asi fue mi Padre”
Summer Fashion Statement Show 
Recreational activities.

Family Bingo

HAGAMOSLO to present different series of seminars and talks directly from our Educando Fronteras radio program. based on the preparation of citizen values from PREVENT AND PERSUADE. Join our social networks live and also by direct transmission with our Allies: LA RUMBA 102.5 FM and LA VOZ 880 AM.


Group Dynamics and seminar series

Back to school

Mom, dad, pay attention to me

Now, what am I going to do?



Group Dynamics and seminar series

                                            Immigrants and Emotions.

Love and our relationship with others.

 Face your fears, obstacles and failures.



Group Dynamics and seminar series

Autumn period of hormonal changes and character life

Emotional Education and Sensory Integration

Communication effective in the family



Group Dynamics and seminar series

Two weekly surrender dynamics

With the participation of professionals in different areas of personal and occupational development


 Face your fears, S       Every year HAGAMOSLO our organization celebrate

Annual Gala “La Pachanga Navideña”

Where the guests are the sponsors and families participating in the development of our programs.

All our programming is presented in schools, community centers and private spaces as sponsorship.