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HAGAMOSLO. ORG   -    Programming  2022   

Good Family Mental Health Network is our primary goal to promote and advocate for the availability and effectiveness of high-quality services for children with mental health needs and their families. As a 501-c3 nonprofit organization, we are seeking government money so that we can independently and freely distribute the best information and ideas about our programs and educate youth and their families. HAGAMOSLO directly with parents and publishes a monthly email newsletter (via social networks) every month that reaches a very diverse audience of youth, parents, community leaders, legislators, state and federal officials, and, increasingly, Similar groups from
countries around the world seek our advice. Our newsletter highlights current topics and critical issues that focus on the mental health of children and their families. We at HAGAMOSLO invite parents to educate themselves and better prepare for a healthy future away from problems.

Good Family Mental Health Network es nuestro objetivo principal para promover y abogar por la disponibilidad y efectividad de servicios de alta calidad para niños con necesidades de salud mental y sus familias. Como organización sin fines de lucro 501-c3, estamos buscando dinero del gobierno para poder distribuir de forma
independiente y gratuita la mejor información e ideas sobre nuestros programas y educar a los jóvenes y sus familias. HAGÁMOSLO DIRECTAMENTE con los padres publica un boletín electrónico mensual (a través de las redes sociales) todos los meses que llega a una audiencia muy diversa de jóvenes, padres, líderes comunitarios, legisladores, funcionarios estatales y federales y, cada vez más, grupos similares de países de todo el mundo. Que busca nuestro
consejo. Nuestro boletín destaca temas actuales y asuntos críticos que se enfocan en la salud mental de los niños y sus familias. Nosotros en HAGAMOSLO invitamos a los padres a educarse y prepararse mejor para un futuro saludable lejos de los problemas.

                              2022 One more year to continue with our certified programs and to continue fulfilling the development of our mission: "to serve as a bridge between Families and the Community" by providing resources and education in addition to expanding the connection with other emerging government programs, and in this way continue the link between low-income families to find the solution to their conflicts or problems. Actually; always maintaining and highlighting the priorities of the organization, HAGAMOSLO, such as: Diversity, inclusion, sustainability, innovation, and retribution to the family community. Our role and effort contributed to the development of the organization's mission by 81% in complete satisfaction before our evaluators. Despite the whip that was present all year with COVID-19. Only 19% remained pending. But with great enthusiasm and faith in this year 2022 we will work to achieve 100%. HAGAMOSLO, go where we are invited and do what we are asked. No matter where we live, we all want the same things for our families. We want financial stability, we want to learn and we want to belong. Therefore, our impact aims to strengthen community engagement, improve financial well-being, and increase educational achievement in every community we serve. Working side-by-side with community leaders and government representatives, we will discover strengths, develop a collective vision, and design a plan to realize your aspirations. Simply put, we build on what works and continue our purpose to stick together as a team to make the biggest impact in your life, to stay connected, and to help you be successful.







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Programming 2021



For the months of October, November and December of the year 2021, the organization HAGAMOSLO will develop with its Educando Fronteras program  presenting different  activities for Support and  Growth so that participating families achieve success and accomplishment of living in the United States. To performance the success of these activities, Hagamoslo continues to count on its allies and sponsors with the purpose of fulfilling our mission and that in each of the participating families we can improve their lives, through education as a passport for their best trip to the future of these people on how to integrate into the reality of assimilating customs and mechanisms in this country as required by law.
HAGAMOSLO offers assistance to adults, youth and the family in general, individually or in groups, different programs to understand parenting. We also teach how to manage anger, family communication problems, and excellent mental health service for parents or family members.

As we already know, 2020 marks a unique and drastically different childhood experience that our children will remember for the rest of their lives; and a different Pedagogical experience in which parents and teachers have had to adapt quickly, be creative and change roles and become, as the stellar HAGAMOSLO program says "Parents as better teachers". This difficult-to-understand experience occurs in countries around the world.

In which we can see that some parents, teachers and students have managed to cope with these changes. HAGAMOSLO offers psychoeducational counseling services, taking into account the capacities and economic perspectives of families in times of crisis. Since the closure of schools and the beginning of virtual classes, in addition to social distancing between people, the organization HAGAMOSLO has been collaborating and supporting families to guide this crisis.

The pandemic (COVID 19) has created the worst crisis for education, learning and mental health in the 21st century. The unique nature of the pandemic forces parents to be the best teachers, primarily responsible for the survival, care, and learning of their children. For this year 2021, HAGAMOSLO. ORG will continue with its psychoeducational programs, closing the gap between families, schools and the community; offer the solution with a special power to connect parents with the reality that surrounds the upbringing and learning of their children through radio and social networks in alliance with LA VOZ online and FM (Platino Max Corporation), our largest sponsor of the organization HAGAMOSLO. The programming will go out every Tuesday and Thursday of each week; taking advantage of educational borders, emphasizing in a positive tone the situations to be solved. With this HAGAMOSLO programming, it clearly offers strategic techniques to resolve doubts and conflicts that exist in the overwhelming number of people who are unaware of the benefits offered by this country and its social programs.

This year we offer 100% more interactive programming; Just by calling and participating in our EDUCANDO FRONTERAS program.

Thus, each of the participants in our program develops the principle of knowing the power of Entrepreneurship for a full and happy life.



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