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Huáscar Barradas 

A contemporary artist with a renaissance spirit

Flutist, composer, arranger and producer.



“Mr Barradas has elevated us to an expressive spectrum of the flute, beyond that of what our Europeans ears are used too. He shined with absolute rhythmic precision and virtuosity”.


From Bach to the Beatles, Folk music, jazz, flamenco, latin or contemporary music, Huascar Barradas plays it all. His solid musical education comes from atending important conservatories and universities in Venezuela, Germany and the United States.


Virtuoso, versatile, profound, vanguardist. Pionner of the Venezuelan musical movement Neo-Folklore where he combines folk, jazz, classic and contemporary musical tendencies in a unique approach.

A man of radio and fashion, a crusader for the environment, a pacifist and foremost a dreamer. He conducted for 5 years his own radio program “El Pabellon” where he suports the best of the Venezuelan music and young coming artists.

His works include from film scoring to experimental compositions like “Pacificanto” in which he combines the sing of the humpback whale of the Colombian Pacific with diverse instrumentation and human voices. In 2014, he wrote, produced and debut as an actor with total success in his musical “El flautista de Hamelin” (The Pied Piper of Hamelin). In few words, Huascar Barradas is simply an Unlimited artist!


He lectures worldwide on the “Interpretation of Latin American Music” in different universities, conservatories and festivals.


Founding member and collaborator to the Venezuelan National System of Youth and Infant Orchestras. Played as co-principal flutist of Venezuela’s National Philarmonic Orchestra and the Orquesta Sinfonica Municipal de Caracas. His musical training was made in important conservatories and universities in Venezuela, the USA and Europe.


Collaborator to “Children against Cancer Foundation”, “Colmena de la Vida” and AIDS Foundations in Venezuela. In 2007 he founded “Art for Children” a foundation created to support children with special artistic talent in Venezuela.

“Huascar Barradas is a spectacular flautist, band leader, composer and musical artists. His performances are invigorating and inspiring. Huascar would be equally at home in the principle chair of a great orchestra or jamming with the world's top jazz artist. He is a rare musician, indeed!”.


Shelton G. Berg   

Dean - Patricia L. Frost Professor of Music

Frost School of Music

University of Miami

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