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At HAGAMOSLO, our programs are top priority with the goal of
bridging the gap between parents, school, and the community. Improve the
relations between home and society by empowering families with our programs
directed by each of our Directorates in charge of being proactive in the education
of their children and converting them into true human capital. Many years of
experience have taught us that all it takes is a small intervention to make a big
impact and become great citizens. Be proactive in the education and training of
your children on an ongoing basis to make a great impact on humanity.

"Educating Frontiers"

Investing in the Future

This program are funds learning that inspire discovery, promote creativity and problem solving, build confidence, and encourage each family to reach for the dreams and envision a future beyond more secure.

The Educating Frontier program from, believes in the family education that every child is born with, a natural desire to learn that is capable of achieving their fullest potential if they experience motivating and imaginative opportunities that reveal and encourage their unique talents. Through its partnership with other programs impacting thousands of students throughout, charter, private and  independent school districts   to cultivated a network of talented parents. In addition to existing programs, develops new initiatives by providing the tools, talent and technology that engage Parents in original curriculum aligned for success in the plan of parenting To make them true Citizens with Values, justice and perspectives that can be successfully achieved in the life.


"Parents As Best Teachers"

Drawing Together

This program covers the following areas:

* Establishing critical thinking and problem solving skills.
* Teach families to build a nurturing student / teacher relationship and environment.
* Prepare for the challenges of the 21st century.
* Science (Mental Health), Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).
* Organizing thoughts and emotions in raising children in times of crisis.

"Learning With My Child"

Learning with my child is a BILINGUAL / MULTILINGUAL PROGRAM

Imagine that you speak both languages with your child and can communicate better with his teachers and playmates.

We offer Classes:
* Immersion in English and Spanish with native teachers (two languages).
* Social and cultural events
* Preparation for citizenship.
* Testing and evaluation.

Teacher and Young Student



In HAGAMOSLO all the topics of our programming through consultancies, podcast,
workshops, virtual classes and in person we make our family a strong pillar of
society, inviting them to learn tools to educate themselves and grow healthy and

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